Field Rental

We maintain two of the finest fields in the Cooperstown area

"We just finished up playing our Annual Hall Of Fame Tournament at Beaver Valley. Our players love playing at this facility as the fields and staff are the best around the area. Our players and teams look forward to coming back each and every year." ~~Joe Collins National Adult Baseball Association, Vice President

  • 90' baseline

  • 350' center field fence

  • 2 sunken dugouts

  • Three sets of bleachers

  • $225 per 3 hour game

  • Reservations required

  • Insurance Required

  • 60' or 70' baseline

  • 200' center field fence

  • 2 dugouts

  • One set of bleachers

  • $135 per 3 hour game

  • Reservations required

  • Insurance Required

Professionally Maintained
Fields are Available for Single Games or Week-long Tournaments, Practices, Training Camps, Showcases, Weddings
Catering Available
for a Reception or an Awards Banquet


Call or email for more information

Juli Sharratt   -   (607) 293-7324   -



FEES are payable in full at time of reservation.  You are responsible to pay for all games reserved even if you choose not to use the field.


REFUNDS:  Rental fees are refundable less a $25 fee only when a game is canceled due to inclement weather. If a game has begun and is then called for inclement weather, no refund will be given. If you choose not to use the field for any other reason, no refund will be given.


INSURANCE:  We require a Certificate of Insurance where we are added as an additional insured. The following needs to appear on the certificate:    

  Cooperstown Beaver Valley Cabins & Campsites, LLC 

  Beaver Valley, LLC

  Julianne and Dwaine Sharratt  

  PO Box 704, Cooperstown, NY   13326  


FIELD RENTAL is for the length of one game or 3 hours whichever comes first.  Earliest field time is  8:30 AM and games must wrap up before dusk.  Please advise your players that they are not allowed onto the field for practice before the scheduled time and that they must exit the field once the game is completed.


UMPIRES:  We do not provide umpires.  Please call us for contact information for the Cooperstown Umpires.


FACILITIES: Major League Field has dugouts and three sets of bleachers. Little League Field has dugouts and one set of bleachers. Restrooms are located at the Store/Office building adjacent to the fields.  There is a water spigot at the field.  


ALCOHOL:  We do not allow alcohol on the fields nor do we allow intoxicated players to use the field.


FIELD RULES are posted inside the dugouts.  Please do not warm up on the infield. If the field is locked, please do not jump the fence.


POOLS & CAMPGROUND AMENITIES:  Please advise your players that they are not allowed to use the pools, ponds and other Beaver Valley facilities/amenities.  These are only available to registered overnight guests.


PETS: No pets may be brought onto the property by players or guests.


TAILGATING: We do not allow picnicking or tailgating.


CATERING is available.


BEHAVIOR: Beaver Valley reserves the right to end any game and/or remove any individuals from the property for unruly or unsportsmanlike behavior with no refund.

GPS, Mapping & Shipping Address:

Cooperstown Baseball
Beaver Valley Cabins & Campsites

138 Towers Rd.

Milford, NY  13807

Mailing Address:
Cooperstown Baseball
PO Box 704
Cooperstown, NY 13326


For information about our onsite accommodations, please visit:

Juli Sharratt